Vibhor Steel Tubes IPO Hits Full Subscription: GMP, Status, Review & More Key Points. Should You Invest?

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Vibhor Steel Tubes IPO: A Comprehensive Overview

The Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Vibhor Steel Tubes Limited has officially commenced today and is set to conclude on 15th February 2024. Positioned as a leading steel pipe manufacturer, Vibhor Steel Tubes has strategically priced its IPO between ₹141 to ₹151 per equity share, with aspirations to accumulate ₹72.17 crore through the sale of fresh shares. This book build issue is destined for listings on both the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE), marking a significant step in the company’s growth trajectory.


Grey Market Enthusiasm

Prior to the IPO’s launch, Vibhor Steel Tubes Limited witnessed its shares trading at a premium in the grey market, a positive indicator of investor interest. Market analysts have reported a notable grey market premium (GMP) of ₹132 for Vibhor Steel Tubes shares today, hinting at strong investor confidence in the company’s market potential.


Substantial Subscription Rates

As of 12:24 PM on the first day of bidding, the “Vibhor Steel Tubes IPO” has seen an impressive subscription rate of 8.97 times. The retail segment, in particular, has been oversubscribed by 13.38 times, while the employee portion exceeded expectations with a subscription rate of 13.64 times. The non-institutional investor (NII) segment was not far behind, achieving a subscription rate of 10.43 times.


Key IPO Details to Note

  • IPO Price Band: Set at ₹141 to ₹151 per share, indicating the company’s valuation confidence.
  • IPO Opening and Closing Dates: The subscription window opened today and will close on 15th February 2024.
  • Fundraising Goal: Aiming to raise ₹72.17 crore for further investment in the company’s growth.
  • Lot Size: Investors can apply in lots, with each lot consisting of 99 company shares.
  • Allotment and Listing Dates: With the T+3 listing rule in effect, allotment is anticipated by 16th February 2024, and the IPO is expected to hit the stock market on 20th February 2024.

Market Analysts’ Endorsement

Industry experts have given the “Vibhor Steel Tubes IPO” a ‘subscribe’ rating, highlighting the company’s robust order book, operational efficiency, and strategic manufacturing presence in Telangana, Maharashtra, and the upcoming facility in Odisha. The Odisha unit, in particular, is poised to enhance cost efficiency by leveraging local steel procurement.

Arun Kejriwal of Kejriwal Research and Investment Services and Avinash Gorakshkar from Profitmart Securities have both endorsed the IPO, citing attractive pricing and favorable valuations compared to industry peers. They predict strong investor interest and potential for significant listing gains, making the “Vibhor Steel Tubes IPO” a compelling investment opportunity.



The “Vibhor Steel Tubes IPO” presents an attractive investment proposition, backed by strong market interest, a solid business foundation, and positive analyst reviews. As the company looks to expand its manufacturing capabilities and further solidify its market position, investors are keenly watching this IPO for potential growth and returns. With all eyes on the subscription rates and upcoming listing, Vibhor Steel Tubes is poised for an exciting phase of growth.


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