Hindalco Share Price Today Drops 10% Amid Novelis’ Return Guidance Cut

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Hindalco Share Price Today: A Detailed Analysis Amidst Novelis’ Revised Guidance

The “Hindalco Share Price Today” experienced a significant downturn, plummeting by 10 percent on February 13, following an update from its US-based subsidiary Novelis. This decline came as Novelis adjusted its return guidance for the Bay Minette project, indicating a shift in expected returns from mid-teens to double digits. The revised guidance has prompted investors to reassess the financial health and future prospects of Hindalco Industries Ltd.


Novelis’ Bay Minette Project: A Closer Look

The Bay Minette project, overseen by Novelis, has encountered a 65 percent increase in total capital costs and a delay of one year. The project’s cost revision to $4.1 billion, with an expected commissioning by the end of CY2026 or the second half of FY27, has raised concerns among investors, contributing to the “Hindalco Share Price Today” adjustment. According to Kotak brokerage, the primary reasons for the cost increase include higher expenses for civil and structural requirements, potentially impacting the project’s return on investment.


Financial Implications for Hindalco

Following the revised capital expenditure estimates, Kotak predicts that Novelis will not generate any free cash flow (FCF) between FY2024-28. Additionally, there’s an ongoing risk of further cost inflation, with management expressing 85 percent confidence in the current projections. As of the third quarter of FY24, Novelis reported a net debt/EBITDA ratio of 2.7X, expected to remain stable through FY2024-28, affecting the “Hindalco Share Price Today.”


Novelis’ Performance and Future Outlook

Novelis, an Atlanta-based aluminum rolling and recycling firm, reported a 23 percent quarter-over-quarter decline in net profit and a revenue drop of over 4 percent QoQ and 6 percent YoY. However, its adjusted EBITDA of $454 million was in line with analyst expectations, reflecting stable volumes year-over-year, with a slight decrease in the most recent quarter.

For the fourth quarter of FY24, management anticipates margins of around $525 per ton, driven by normalized volumes and recovering demand, particularly in the beverage can segment. This outlook, combined with robust demand in the aerospace and automotive segments, provides a nuanced picture of Novelis’ market position and potential impact on the “Hindalco Share Price Today.”


Market Dynamics and Hindalco’s Strategic Positioning

Despite current challenges, including economic pressures and higher interest rates affecting various market segments, Novelis’ management remains optimistic about demand recovery in key areas. This balanced view, along with strategic adjustments to the Bay Minette project, highlights Hindalco’s efforts to navigate through complex market conditions and safeguard its financial stability.



The “Hindalco Share Price Today” reflects the market’s immediate reaction to Novelis’ revised project guidance and the broader implications for Hindalco’s financial health. As the company continues to adjust its strategies in response to dynamic market conditions, investors and stakeholders will closely monitor Hindalco’s ability to maintain its competitive edge and deliver on its long-term financial goals.


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