Vraj Iron and Steel IPO Day 2: Should You Subscribe or Not?

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Vraj Iron and Steel’s initial public offering (IPO) has attracted significant attention from investors. On the second day of the IPO, we delve into the details to help you decide whether to subscribe or not. With strong interest from non-institutional and retail investors, the IPO has already shown promising signs. But what does this mean for potential investors?

Company Background

Introduction to Vraj Iron and Steel

Vraj Iron and Steel is a prominent player in the steel manufacturing industry. The company produces a range of products, including sponge iron, M.S. billets, and TMT bars. With two major production facilities in Raipur and Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, Vraj Iron and Steel has established a solid presence in the market.

Products and Production Facilities

The company’s extensive production facilities cover 52.93 acres, equipped with advanced machinery and a captive power plant. The Raipur facility boasts a power plant with a capacity of 5 MW, contributing to efficient and cost-effective operations.

IPO Details

IPO Size and Structure

The Vraj Iron and Steel IPO is valued at ₹171 crore, comprising a fresh issue of 8,260,870 equity shares. Notably, there is no offer for sale (OFS) component in this IPO. The company plans to use the proceeds for general corporate purposes and expansion projects at the Bilaspur site.

Key Dates and Timeline

The share allocation basis will be finalized on July 1, with refunds starting on July 2. Shares will be deposited in allottees’ demat accounts on the same day, and trading is expected to begin on July 3.

Subscription Status

Day 1 Subscription Highlights

The IPO received a complete subscription on the first day of bidding. This strong start was supported by favorable market conditions, including record highs in major indices like Sensex, Bank Nifty, and Nifty 50.

Detailed Subscription Breakdown by Investor Category

  • Non-institutional investors: 3.53 times subscription
  • Retail individual investors: 5.07 times subscription
  • Qualified institutional buyers (QIBs): 61% of the reserved portion subscribed

Financial Performance

Recent Financial Results

Vraj Iron and Steel has demonstrated solid financial performance over the past few years. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21% in sales, 41% in EBITDA, and 69% in PAT, the company is on a robust growth trajectory.

Growth Trends and Key Financial Metrics

The company’s expansion plans are set to further enhance its financial metrics. By increasing production capacity and improving operational efficiencies, Vraj Iron and Steel aims to sustain its growth momentum.

Analysts’ Recommendations

Master Capital Service Ltd’s Review

Master Capital Service Ltd recommends a long-term subscription to the IPO, citing the company’s production capacity expansion and strong financial performance as key factors.

Dilip Davda’s Analysis

Dilip Davda of Chittorgarh.com also suggests subscribing to the IPO for the medium to long term. He highlights the company’s effective cost control measures and optimistic outlook for future performance.

GEPL Capital’s Perspective

GEPL Capital underscores the company’s solid financial performance and strategic expansion plans. They anticipate continued growth in the steel industry, driven by rising demand from various sectors and government initiatives.

Expansion Plans

Current and Planned Production Capacity

Vraj Iron and Steel is expanding its production capacity from 231,000 TPA to 500,100 TPA. The company is also increasing its captive power plant capacity from 5 MW to 20 MW. These expansions are expected to be completed by FY25 and FY26, respectively.

Timeline for Expansion Projects

The sponge iron and power plant expansions are scheduled for completion by FY25, while the MS billet expansion will be completed by early FY26. These projects will enhance the company’s production capabilities and operational efficiencies.

Market Trends

Current State of the Steel Industry

The steel industry is witnessing robust growth, driven by infrastructure development and rising industrial demand. Despite lower per capita steel consumption in India compared to global averages, significant growth is expected by 2031.

Future Outlook for Steel Demand

Analysts predict a 9-11% annual growth in domestic steel demand through 2026. Government initiatives and rising urbanization are key drivers of this growth, positioning the steel industry for continued expansion.

Grey Market Premium

Current GMP for Vraj Iron and Steel

The current grey market premium (GMP) for Vraj Iron and Steel is +85, indicating strong investor interest. This premium suggests that shares are trading at a significant markup in the grey market.

Implications for Potential Investors

The high GMP reflects investor confidence in the IPO and anticipates a strong listing. Investors should consider this premium when making their subscription decisions.

Investment Considerations

Long-term vs. Short-term Investment Potential

While the IPO shows promise for short-term gains due to the high GMP, analysts recommend a long-term subscription. The company’s expansion plans and strong financial performance suggest sustained growth potential.

Risk Factors and Market Conditions

Investors should be aware of potential risks, including market fluctuations and regulatory challenges. However, the overall market conditions and industry trends favor a positive outlook for the IPO.

Economic Impact

Contribution to the Local Economy

Vraj Iron and Steel’s expansion projects will generate employment opportunities and boost economic activity in the regions where its facilities are located.

Broader Economic Implications

The IPO reflects broader economic trends, such as increased investment in infrastructure and industrial growth. These factors contribute to a positive economic outlook for the steel industry.

Regulatory Environment

Compliance and Regulatory Considerations

The company is committed to adhering to all regulatory requirements and obtaining necessary approvals for its expansion projects. Compliance with industry standards ensures smooth operations and minimizes risks.

Potential Hurdles

Regulatory delays or market fluctuations could pose challenges to the IPO’s success. However, the company’s strategic planning and strong financial position provide a buffer against potential obstacles.

Investor Sentiment

Market Response to the IPO

The market response to Vraj Iron and Steel’s IPO has been overwhelmingly positive, as evidenced by the strong subscription rates and high GMP.

Investor Confidence and Expectations

Investors are optimistic about the company’s growth prospects and financial performance. The high subscription rates indicate strong confidence in the IPO’s potential.

Strategic Importance

How the IPO Fits into Vraj Iron and Steel’s Strategic Goals

The IPO will provide the necessary funds for Vraj Iron and Steel’s expansion projects, aligning with the company’s strategic goals of increasing production capacity and enhancing operational efficiencies.

Competitive Advantages

The company’s established market presence, strong financial performance, and strategic expansion plans position it as a competitive player in the steel industry.


The Vraj Iron and Steel IPO presents a promising investment opportunity, backed by strong financial performance, strategic expansion plans, and positive market sentiment. While short-term gains are likely due to the high GMP, the IPO also offers substantial long-term growth potential. Investors should consider subscribing to the IPO, keeping in mind the company’s robust growth trajectory and favorable industry trends.


1. What is the size of the Vraj Iron and Steel IPO?

The IPO is valued at ₹171 crore, consisting of a fresh issue of 8,260,870 equity shares.

2. What are the key dates for the Vraj Iron and Steel IPO?

The share allocation will be finalized on July 1, refunds will start on July 2, and trading is expected to begin on July 3.

3. What is the current grey market premium for Vraj Iron and Steel?

The current grey market premium (GMP) is +85, indicating strong investor interest and a significant markup in the grey market.

4. What are the company’s expansion plans?

Vraj Iron and Steel plans to expand its production capacity to 500,100 TPA and increase its captive power plant capacity to 20 MW by FY25 and FY26.

5. Should I subscribe to the Vraj Iron and Steel IPO?

Analysts recommend a long-term subscription based on the company’s strong financial performance, strategic expansion plans, and positive market trends.


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