Mamaearth Parent’s Stock Rises 7% On Record Q4 Earnings

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Honasa Consumer, the parent company of skincare firm Mamaearth, saw its shares gain 7% in early trade on May 24. This significant increase followed this cosmetic firm declared that it had made the highest ever profit in a quarter for January to March FY24. Trading volumes significantly rose with the impressive Q4 earnings translating to 11 lakh shares exchanging hands at the bourses compared to a monthly average of five lakhs shares.

At around 10:22 am, Honasa Consumer’s shares traded at Rs. 430.60 on NSE. The organisation achieved net income of Rs 30 crore for Q4 FY24, contrasting with a fall of Rs160 crore during last year’s comparable period which includes as much as an exceptional loss of Rs 155 crore recorded thereon.

Performance That Stands Out

In the three months ending March, Honasa Consumer recorded revenues totalling Rs471.09 crore, up by 21.46%, and compared to Rs387.85 crore a year earlier partly due to extended margins for EBITDA that raised investor confidence too. This increase in profitability is primarily attributed to strategic network expansion and increased market reach undertaken by Honasa.

Network Expansion Strategy

The corporation has been actively entering new markets across India as well as strengthening presence in existing ones accordingly. By March of this year FMCG outlets run by Honasa Consumer grew to one lakh eighty-eight thousand three hundred seventy-seven (1,88,377) stores showing an annual rise of thirty-four percent thus contributing greatly towards profitable fourth quarter growth staying true to this extensive network expansion campaign.

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Resilient Growth amidst Industry Challenges

Despite being buffeted by several challenges facing industry players Honasa Consumer has managed to stand tall and grow consistently throughout such periods. In fact, Chairman and CEO Varun Alagh said that the exceptional performance was due to such market initiatives and maintained focus of the firm on spreading out markets.

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The increase in share price for Honasa Consumer’s Q4 FY24 which had its highest ever net profit and remarkable revenue growth has affected it positively. This is evident in Honasa Consumer, whose share price surged as investors saw confidence in the company’s growth strategy and financial health. As Mamaearth’s parent, Honasa Consumer uses its growing network and strategic measures to promote continuous expansion and profitability.

Key Highlights


7% rise in shares by parent firm, Honasa Consumer.

Honasa Consumer:

Attains highest quarterly net profit ever in Q4 FY24.

Honasa Consumer Share:

NSE trading at Rs 430.60 per share.

Honasa Consumer Share Soars:

Much higher than an average monthly volume of trade.

By concentrating on network expansion and market presence, Honasa Consumer drove up its stock value through impressive financial results. Investors continue to be hopeful about prospects of the company.


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